We excavated and traced burst 110mm diameter burst AC water main.

Work commenced at 8am.
Upon exposing the burst pipe a list of materials was provided to our stores. All materials were procured and delivered to site at 3pm.
Repair was completed at 9pm.
Client’s water main was charged,  flushed and purged.
Our policy at Ganga plumbers is to deliver same day repairs ensuring the client is never left without water. In this case a residential block of flats.
Some causes of burst water pipes:
1. In the above case, aging infrastructure more than 45 years old.
2. Subsidence of the pipe bed caused by heavy rainfall, poor storm water drainage,  blocked and unattended sewer and storm manholes.
3. Pipe wall fatigue.
4. Rubble compressing/ piercing pipe wall due to incorrect bedding and blanketing material.
5. Ground movement cause by insufficient trench bed compaction.
6. Other contributing factors are ; pipe depth, load on the pipe, choice of pipe material, anti corrosion protection,  choice of pipe fittings, gaskets and fixation.
Our policy at Ganga  plumbers is to ensure correct life span design and installation for all repairs and new installations.
This is achieved by constant collaboration with various reputable manufacturers , ongoing staff training at our inhouse training center including site supervision and quality control.
We are available for all your plumbing emergencies 24 hours,
7 days a week.
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